Slider Plates - Trailer Door

Pit Products offers durable trailer door slider plate options allowing you to load your valuable gear and vehicles with ease. We designed the plates to be robust so you don't need to worry. The slider plates help you roll smoothly over that gap between your trailer door and your trailer floor.

Perfect as a gap cover, threshold cover, or slider plate for race trailers, snowmobile trailers, landscape trailers, BBQ trailers, and car hauling trailers.

We stock five sizes:

  • 36 Inch Item #588-36 with Dimensions: 36"L x 1"H x 11¾"D
  • 58 Inch Item #588-58 with Dimensions: 58"L x 1"H x 11¾"D
  • 68 Inch Item #588-68 with Dimensions: 68"L x 1"H x 11¾"D
  • 72 Inch Item #588-72 with Dimensions: 72"L x 1"H x 11¾"D
  • 84 Inch Item #588-84 with Dimensions: 84"L x 1"H x 11¾"D

All Items Feature the Following:

  • Ships Fully Assembled
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • High Strength Stainless Steel Rivets used for Assembly
  • Material: Diamond Plate Aluminum 0.100 Thick
  • Normally Ships the Same Business Day
  • Shipping Method: Ground (UPS)


Reviews for Slider Plates - Trailer Door
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Evan Weese from Kalamazoo, MI on Sep 02, 2014
These plates are great! I was really impressed with the build quality. They feel like they will last a lifetime. Having a bridge over the gap between the trailer floor and tailgate is a real convenience and makes pushing carts (especially carts with smaller wheels) in and out of the trailer much easier. I don’t have to pick up and shuffle each set of wheels over the gap anymore. Low riding cars used to scrape when the wheels fell into the gap, but this is no longer a problem. I would recommend these to anyone, and I would definitely buy from PitProducts in the future.
Steve from Southfield/Detroit, MI on Aug 27, 2014
My school recently received two of these Slider Plates. They work very well for moving vehicles in and out of a trailer, by covering the gap that the door makes when opened. Currently they are not secured into the trailer, however they work just as well being portable. They appear to be durable and well-crafted.

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